The project Innovations in Teaching and Learning Russian was carried out in 2008-2009 with support of the Ministry of Education of Latvia. The project was aimed at creating systems of tasks to texts that help learners develop their thinking along with language skills.

The Thinking Approach to language teaching and learning is the methodological basis of the project. The thinking skills of learners are developed as a result of working on a specific system of tasks. Unlike in more traditional approaches, here learners are not just invited to be creative when working on a task but are offered specific tools that help them find a good solution.

The TA site for Russian is one of the project outcomes. In addition to the systems of tasks developed in the project, here you can find a selection of texts to be used in the classroom, materials for organising learners' mini-research projects and other information related to the TA for teaching and learning Russian.

At the moment we are working on piloting various Thinking Approach for teaching and learning Russian. Please let us know if you are interested to joining the process.

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